Custom Software/Hardware Development, Linux Server Setup/Support/Consultation, Business Automation, AI Assisted Design

About Me

I started my tech journey in 1984 as a kid with a Commodore 64, a Programmers Reference and an extreme passion for writing software. Fast Forward to today where I work with most mainstream programming languages and web technologies to bring serious value to clients in many different industries.


Years Software Development


Years Unix/Linux Experience



Services I Offer

While I offer many different services for clients, I specialize in the following:

Software Development

From leadgen systems to scrapers to full business management systems, if you can dream it, I can code it.

Custom Linux Server Setup/Support

Custom Linux Servers offer full control over your site and data. Forget shared/managed hosting, take control of your data!


Do you have multiple systems that need to “talk” to each other. How about a business process that you would like to have automated? Let’s chat!

Branding, Product Development, AI Image Design

Do you have a great product but no name or direction for it? How about a custom image for your product or other purpose.